About the 29 Diner

John K. Wood


The 29 Diner is a diner in Fairfax, Virginia, located near the intersection of Fairfax Blvd.(formerly Route 29 | Lee Highway) and Virginia State Route 123.

The 29 Diner opened on July 20, 1947. It was built by the Mountain View Diners Company of Singac, New Jersey. D.T. “Bill” Glascock (deceased) purchased the diner and had it shipped to a strip of land that he owned in Fairfax, Virginia. Glascock and his wife, Elvira “Curly,” ran the diner for the first several years, and thereafter leased the building to a succession of business owners.

In 1973, the Tastee Diner company bought the location and it became the Tastee 29 Diner.”

Virginia Historic LandmarkIn 1992, the diner was declared to be a historic site. Marc Christian Wagner, an architectural historian from the Charlottesville-based Preservation Associates of Virginia organization wrote the statement of significance. The opening of the statement declares:

“The Tastee 29 Diner is a rare survivor among the once-numerous streamlined Moderns diners that operated in the United States. While it is rare to find one of these 1940’s diners still standing, it is even more unusual to find one still in operation. The high quality of this Mountain View diner has withstood the test of time in a hostile environment.”

Thus, in 1992 the Tastee 29 Diner was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places.

In the late-1990s, Fredy and Ginger Guevara (Ginger being a former waitress of the 29 Diner in the mid-1960s) bought the location and restored its original name of 29 Diner.

For years the diner was open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with the exception being Christmas Day. In January 2009, the diner began closing on Monday nights due to the recession facing the United States, however in 2014 it was restored back to being open 24 hours a day.

In May, 2014, the 29 Diner went out of business under the operations of Fredy and Ginger Guevara, but the property lease was quickly picked up by Fairfax native John Wood, who planned to reopen it in the summer of 2014. After some delays, the diner reopened to the public at 12:01am on September 11, 2014. It is open 24 hours Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Monday.


We thrive on doing what we can to support great people and great causes. From local elementary schools and sports teams to the U.S. military and veterans across the country, we are eager to share our support through fundraisers and by our actions. Since reopening the diner on September 11th 2014 we have helped raise money for dozens of great causes.



We take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients in our food and serving enough of it to satisfy even the hungriest diner. We love seeing the OMG faces on customers, young and old, when we bring their orders to them. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and drinks that are intended to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.

29 diner gravy covered