Journey 4 A Cure Fundraiser

Journey 4 A Cure Fundraiser

We are honored to do our small part in helping to raise money for the Journey 4 A Cure, a nonprofit on a mission to find cures for childhood cancers.

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About Journey 4 A Cure:


journeyOur journey began in March 2010 when Declan Carmical, was diagnosed with AT/RT, a rare form of brain, spine and kidney cancer. For 5 months he bravely endured a series of procedures and treatment strategies as part of a protocol which offered the best possible option for his survival. It offered us hope but no promise of a cure for Declan; sadly he lost his battle just 8 days shy of his 1st birthday. Our family fought tirelessly on behalf of Declan; however, our ability to help was compromised……there were no answers, there was no known cure and there was little hope.

Our lives are forever changed and our purpose is clear. As a family, we are committed to voicing the raw truth about pediatric cancer. In this world of medical breakthroughs and new therapies, there has been little advancement in the world of pediatric cancer. Research for a cure is limited by lack of funding and without research, our children are left to fight cancer with few resources and little hope. No parent should have to hear the words “your child has cancer”, followed by the words “and there is no known or proven cure”. A cure is possible and it’s our responsibility to make it available.

Throughout our journey, our resolve was strengthened by the many wonderful people who walked with us. People from all over the world connected to share the story of sweet Declan. It is with this same spirit that we hope to unite people once again to work towards a cure for Pediatric Cancer!

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Did you know……

– Pediatric Cancer is the #2 overall killer of children in the U.S. The #1 killer is vehicle related accidents. Consider how much we as a society spend on vehicle related research (i.e. seatbelts, crash tests, car seats, booster seats, etc.). Every time we buy a vehicle we invest in this research. There is no comparable revenue stream in place for Pediatric Cancer.

– The American Cancer Society’s Annual Report shows $1 BILLION in total public support and it’s Extramural/Intramural Funding in Priority Areas shows only $4 MILLION is directed to childhood cancers. Less than half a penny of each of these dollars is directed to the #1 killing disease for kids under the age of 20.

– For children between 1-19 years, cancer is the fourth leading cause of death overall, and the leading cause of disease related death. It remains responsible for more deaths from ages 1-19 than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS COMBINED.

– Approximately 36 U.S. children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every single day

– 1 in every 300 children will develop cancer before the age of 20, 1 in every 5 of those children will not survive.

– National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) has a $5 billion budget, funded from taxpayer dollars, from this total ALL twelve major pediatric cancers received LESS THAN 3% of this budget.

– For every six research dollars per patient with AIDS and every one research dollar per patient with breast cancer, a child with cancer receives only 30 cents.

– It would only take $35 per American to develop a new drug/cure for each of the 12 most common pediatric subtypes and save 250,000 children/families.

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Join us as we journey to end childhood cancer!


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